January 2016 update - Are you having problems accessing Netflix?

At the beginning of 2016 Netflix made an announcement about the way they enforce country licensing agreements which had the potential to effect Proxmate user access to the Netflix service. Currently we have seen minimal effect to our users, and we’ve been able to quickly solve 100% of any problems :)    

However if/when this causes any problems for Proxmate users accessing different regions we will investigate immediately and do our very best to support any changes Netflix make on their side. Our engineers are monitoring Netflix continuously, but should you experience problems our engineers will need your feedback.

If this is the case please directly reach our support team at support@proxmate.me and provide the following details:

1. Did you sign up for Netflix before or after it was available in your country?

2. Is the error occurring in the USA region alone or other regions too?

3. In which country have you created your Netflix account?

4. Which Netflix regions you are having trouble accessing?

5. What's the exact error you are getting and where/when exactly you get this error? (A screen shot is the best thing to send)

6. Which browser and browser version you are using?



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